About Me

As a cinematographer, collaboration is one of my favorite aspects of production. I enjoy working with producers and directors to help them achieve whatever vision they have for their projects. I truly love what I do and the people I have the pleasure of working with.

In college I bought my first professional stills camera. After taking it out for a spin, I couldn't get enough. One thing led to another and the stills became a gateway to moving images. After that, there was no turning back. The impact one image can have on a viewer is powerful, turn that into thousands of images and it's even more so. With the right stories and passion, I truly believe motion pictures can change the world. 

That being said, I also believe we can have a lot of fun doing it! I'm a strong proponent of healthy working environments that foster growth. Where everyone respects each other and the production. After spending countless hours with a group of people it really should feel like hanging out with friends. No baby momma drama.