NAB 2016

This year I was able to make it out to NAB with Bed Head Media and gain some insight into the direction cinematography may be going. There were countless booths that seemed to never end, but a few things stood out more than most...

LED's...The only lights you could find at the whole conference seemed to be LED's, which I love. A few years ago I was extremely cautious about LED technology because of the horrible color quality they put out. This year that was not the case. The main theme that I saw again and again was that almost every vendor was pitching how high of a TLCI (Previously CRI but the new version relates directly to video rendition) rating their lights had.

The reason this is such a huge deal is because the competition is driving the quality of LED's up and the price down. Mole Richardson even showcased a 10k LED Fresnel that could run off a regular 20 amp circuit, items like that are game changers. Another company to look out for is Aputure LED's. They put out LED lights with TLCI's of up to 98 at prices that are close to half the price of competitors, single handily forcing the bigger names to cut the cost's of theirs. 

These were the most impressive things I saw on the lighting front, although I was only at NAB for one full day. The other thing that stood out to me was the sheer amount of drones that are available on the market now. One whole section at NAB was filled with netted areas that sounded like 1,000,000 bees were swarming the place. (Although the breeze it created in the musty conference center was appreciated.)