BMPCC4k/6k - Arri Gamut

So, a few months ago we had a shoot that required us to get some mounted driving shots, The BMPCC4k seemed like the right camera for the job. Problem is we were also shooting with the Arri Amira as our main cam so I needed to make sure they matched fairly well.

After recording quiet a bit of test footage on the BMPCC4k I found the “Blackmagic look” feeling kind or orange/brown compared to the Arri footage. I also noticed the curves didn’t quiet match.

Because of this I decided to see if I could make a conversion LUT for the “Blackmagic Film” log to bring it closer to the Arri rec 709 range. I can’t for the life of me find the images I used to create the lut, I’ll keep looking, but essentially I was able to get pretty darn close. I had a light in the frame “blowing out” the wall on the right, color checker in the center, and dark shadows on the left of frame created from the light. Both cameras had the same lens, position, ISO, and aperture during the reference to avoid any unknown variables.

Obviously the Arri has more dynamic range so there’s going to be a disconnect eventually, but if the scenes lit decently it should match pretty well.

I also made sure that their was no shift in color or gamma when switching between white balances and iso’s. I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome.

This LUT also works perfectly with the BMPCC6k